Reiki Seichem

Reiki Seichem it is a hands on powerful energy healing system and deeply relaxing experience. Reiki Seichem works on every level (physical, emotional, mental and spiritual), and as natural form of healing it can compliment other forms of treatment.

What is Reiki Seichem?


Reiki is an ancient Japanese technique for stress reduction and relaxation, promoting healing. Reiki was founded by Dr Mikao Usui in the early 1900s, rediscovered from Sanskrit texts. The word 'ki' itself means 'Universal life force' in Japanese. 

Seichem is said to be one of the healing arts used in Ancient Egypt. Rediscovered by Patrick Zeigler in 1980. It too is believed to be from the same ancient Sanskrit as Reiki.

Seichem uses four elemental rays to heal mind, body & spirit.

Reiki (Earth) is the base through which the other healing rays (Water, Air, Fire) will flow.​

When Reiki is used within Seichem it is a powerful healing system.

Reiki and seichem are not assosiated with  faith, religion or any beliefs and therefore can be received by anyone who is willing.

Benefits associated with Reiki Seichem

Life force energy is the energy which flows within us all and is what causes us to be alive. If our life force energy is low it is believed to make us more likely to feel the effects of stress or become ill more easily. Which is why its so important to find ways of replenishing it and giving our bodies, minds and spirits that time it needs and deserves to unwind and relax.

Benefits associated with Reiki and Seichem are:

Helping with stress and anxiety

Improving sleep

Boosts the immune system

Promotes relaxation 

Eases tension

Helps during bereavement

Improves joint mobility

Soothes pain

Reduces trauma effects

The Healing Session

During the session you remain fully clothed and may lie under a blanket. You can also sit if you prefer.

Hands will be gently placed in positions on and above your body. It is a deeply relaxing experience. You may feel some of the sensations, such as a tingling sensation or warmth on your body. Some people fall asleep and some may have an emotional release. Each experience is very individual  and you may experience different feelings at various times throughout the treatment. 

Duration and prices:-

60 minutes..........£35

45 minutes..........£28

30 minutes..........£20

Please note: Reiki & Seichem Practitioners do not diagnose nor do they prescribe substances, or at anytime interfere with the treatments from professional health care providers. Reiki & Seichem does not take the place of medical care, it is purely to compliment and enhance your well-being. It is always recommended that you see an appropriate health care provider for any medical condition.

For more information on Reiki Seichem please see our blog or get in touch.