Massage Treatments

Restore calm and balance to your body and mind with our luxury massage therapy treatments. We focus on Indian head massage and Korean hand therapy using techniques in a similar way to reflexology.
All the organs in our bodies are inked to nerves in the head and hands making these massages not only very relaxing but also gives the whole body an MOT by releasing toxins and stimulating organs to work more efficiently

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Korean Hand & Arm Massage

Korean Hand Therapy has been practiced in many eastern and oriental countries. In Korean Hand Therapy the human body is mapped out on the hands, similar in concept to the reflexology map of the foot. Modern life now exposes us to every day wear and tear on muscles, tendons and ligaments. RSI (Repetitive Strain Injury) and Carpal Tunnel Syndrome are far more prevalent today due to repetitive movements and continuously using our hands and arms. This wonderful massage offers restorative and beneficial techniques, and helps to assist in reducing muscle fatigue and aches and pains, whilst increasing joint mobility.

45 Minutes....... £30


Body Balance Massage