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We use doTERRA essential oils in all our treatments unless not requested. They are the highest grade, purest essential oils available and we have personally used and experienced the incredible benefits of doTERRA essential oils for ourselves and our families. We have now introduced them into all our therapies and we are astounded by the positive responses we have had from our clients and the beneficial effects they have had with our treatments.

We are so passionate about educating people on how to use these oils & sharing their benefits we also teach regular classes & workshops and post regularly to our blog .


Upcoming Classes & Workshops









Please contact us to find out more information on our events, doTERRA or to purchase any of the oils, we are always happy to guide and support you with your oily needs.


Alternatively if you wish to purchase oils directly from Doterra please follow this Link: 


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Introduction to Essential oils Workshop

Sunday 3rd March 


10:30 - 12:30

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