Crystal Healing

Crystal therapy is non-invasive, gentle and restores harmony to the body, mind and spirit. It helps to clear away negativity, fear, depression, and depleted energy patterns to achieve feelings of well-being and wholeness. Crystals and the cells in your body are made up of the same kind of energy and work in tune with your bodies vibrations to bring you into balance.

Just like magnets use energy to attract or repel, crystals use energy in the same way. When certain crystals are placed on or around your body, your energy transforms, vibrates, pulses, moves and shifts in accordance with the properties and energetic signature of the crystals.

 What is the history of Crystal 

The use of crystal healing dates back over 5,000 years and was popular in Ancient cultures all over the world using crystals and stones to align, clear and transform their energy, spirit and physical health. The metaphysical powers of crystals were no mystery to most ancient cultures including the Egyptians, Mayans and Sumerians who regularly adorned their bodies, jewelry and buildings with these sacred stones. Crystals are used in Ayurvedic Medicine in India and in traditional Chinese Medicine which has now been revived for assisting with modern day illnesses.

Benefits associated with Crystal Healing

Helps with stress and anxiety

Improves sleep

Boosts immune system

Promotes relaxation 

Eases tension

Improves joint mobility

Soothes pain




The Crystal Healing Session

A specific crystal layout will be chosen for your specific needs and the stones will activated for their fullest healing potential and placed on or around the body to stimulate healing and restore balance. The session is very soothing and deeply relaxing as the crystals do their healing work. In this deep state of relaxation, stress is released allowing you to feel rejuvenated, revitalized and completely refreshed.

Durations & Prices 

60 Minutes............£35

45 Minutes............£30

30 Minutes............£25 

Please note: Crystal Therapists do not diagnose nor do they prescribe substances, nor interfere with the treatments from professional health care providers. Crystal Healing does not take the place of medical care. It is recommended that you see an appropriate health care provider for any medical condition.