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Nature's Balance is a place you can come to escape the chaos and embrace your personal journey. 

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Nature's Balance was created from my family's' own life expierence. We each over time came to holistic therapy looking for support, a way to heal,  balancing and healthy routines. 

Meet the family


I am a Reiki Seichem Level 2 Practioner as well as a Korean Hand, Arm and Leg and Indian Head Massage Therapist.  These Ancient Holistic Therapies compliment each other to unite the mind. body and soul.


After many years in the Corporate Arena and later on into the Care Industry, I have witnessed human reactions in a spectrum of situations, whilst dealing with my own personal losses and challenges. 


I believe we do not give ourselves the time or attention that we deserve to give ourselves due to the pressures of our everyday lives.  It is so important to nourish and nurture ourselves so we are better equipped to deal with our everyday lives.


I can also offer a home or office service for people who cannot get to our Garden Sanctuary.  I want to share my experience and my treatments with as many people as I can reach and introduce them to a world of natural techniques and therapies which can be given and learnt to help us through our life's journey.