I Have My Essential Oils
Now What?

​Congratulations on joining the doTERRA community and welcome Nature's Balance Family!

If you have signed up to a wholesale account with doTERRA through myself you now have access to a whole host of support and resources from me to help you along your 'essential journey' 

So,  you've received your oils now what? Let us help you get the caps off & start using them as daily solutions.


 It's totally optional but you are invited to join us at our Got Your Oils, Now What Class, we hold this class monthly at the Positivity Centre in Burham for an informal and interactive chat about the oils, how we can use them day-to-day and some great tips to get the best out of your membership. 

Click Here to find out upcoming dates for our Got Your Oils, Now What? Class and register your Space.

Now that you have you doTERRA wholesale account with us you have access to a whole host of support and information. We are here to help you on your oily journey so please check out all the benefits below and we look forward to speaking to you soon :) 

Join us at a Workshop:

As well as the got your oils now what class, we run monthly classes about a variety of different aspects of essential oils that you are alway welcome to join. Check out our classes and workshops page to see whats coming up. 

Download the Free App:

Within you welcome email you would have received a link to download are free app which really is a valuable tool for all essential oil users. If you need any help with this please contact us. 


Keep an eye out for our On-going Education and Support:

At any-time during your membership you need help or advice using your oils please know we are here to help, all you have to do is send me a message,

Throughout the year we will send you oily information, ideas for recipes, essential blends, and much more.


Connect with other oily users and create Essential Friendships:

Private Facebook Group filled with like-minded people sharing experiences with oils, oily wins ... and so much more. Click Here to Join us: Essential Balance🌸

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