Welcome to Nature's Balance

Embark on a journey into nature with us and discover what the surrounding natural world has to offer you. 


Together we will explore all things natural that can help to promote your physical and emotional wellbeing.  Through education and a personalised approach, we will utilise natural  tools and ancient techniques, to discover the right path for you to find your natural balance


I am so passionate and excited about the work that we do, and very much looking forward to sharing this journey with you.

Steffie x

Ways that we can work with you to create a happier, healthier & balanced life

  • Holistic Therapy

    Set within our garden sanctuary in Hazlemere, Bucks we offer Reiki Seichem, doAroma Reiki & Bespoke Massage treatments designed to release any stress, tension or anxieties you may be experiencing. to promote your bodies natural healing properties and inspire a deep relaxation.

    Visit our treatment menu to find out more.

  • Essential Balance

    Nature is a powerful healing tool. Discover natural solutions for physical support and emotional balance with doTERRA essential oils.

    We work to educate you on how to safely and effectively use therapeutic grade essential oils to enhance you and your family’s emotional and physical well-being

  • Natural Living

    Nourish your body, balance your mind and nurture your spirit with nature.

    Together we will explore all things natural that can help to promote our physical and emotional wellbeing.

    It is an absolute passion of mine to help families understand their lifestyle choices, feel empowered to support their health with natural solutions and drive their own improvements as a result

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